hannah goodrichHi, I’m Hannah! I am so excited (like happy dance excited) that you are here! After turning 30, I decided to open a new chapter of my life by pursuing one of my greatest loves- writing and connecting with lovely humans- which comes to you in the form of this awesome blog! I hope you will feel inspired to create a good, rich, and beautiful life no matter your circumstances. This is an honest and uplifting space to share my favorite things with you! What are my favorite things? Well, I’m glad you asked….

Hair and Makeup

 I have officially been in the beauty industry for nearly 8 years as a licensed Cosmetologist and makeup artist. I worked in the salon for several years, and currently own an on-site hair and makeup business. I have had the opportunity to work with many incredible clients over the years and have been honored to receive the KSL A-List Award for Best Wedding Hair and Makeup Artist in the state of Utah as well as having my work published in magazines and blogs throughout the country and internationally. I love the creative freedom that it brings and I am excited to share some of my knowledge with you!


My Family

I met a total babe named Ryan on my first day of Kindergarten in 1992, and after a brief romance in the 5th grade (I  have diary entries to prove it) our love was put on hold until that glorious day in 2008 when I saw him working the front desk at the gym. We were married in March of 2009 and we have been laughing our butts off ever since! We love horror movies, eating food, and awkwardly dancing in the grocery store aisles. We have two squishy curly headed babes named Veda Jane (4) and Jude (1), which brings me to my next subject..



I LOVE being a mom! It is the most demanding, tiring, thankless, fun, heartwarming job of all time and I wouldn’t change it for a thing! I mean, look at those beautiful babes that call me mom! I also happen to be a special needs mom, which is something that is very near and dear to my heart. I can’t wait to share more about my experiences, and for you to get to know my amazing kids!



My mom has told me that I have been a home body from day one. Maybe it’s because I tend to be antisocial (I’m working on that one) or maybe it’s because I don’t like wearing pants but there is something so special about home. We have lived in 10 homes during our 8 years of marriage, and recently purchased a home that we will be putting our roots down in. I love doing all I can to beautify my little corner of the world and I can’t wait to share some of my projects with you!



Not to brag or anything, but I’m a freaking amazing cook. And by freaking amazing cook, I really mean that I am the heavyweight champion (maybe that wasn’t the best term, though probably true haha) of following recipes. I follow recipes like there is no tomorrow, or my mom’s life depends on it, or that I just like food and I want to eat it. Whatever the reason, I have a ridiculously amazing stash of tried and true recipes and we are totally going to get our bake on!

Thank you so much for sharing in my little world! I hope you feel loved, inspired, uplifted, and truly beautiful!