Family Game Night!

I can already hear my family members dying of laughter, not because I am envisioning our family game nights… though those are always full of tears and belly laughs. They are laughing because I am writing a post about games that I love. You see, I am actually not the biggest fan of playing games. Some of the reason is because I’m usually horrible at them, but they also give me anxiety! My mom brain is usually so tired by the end of the day that it can barely tell my hand to pick up the diet coke and pour it in my mouth. Ok, that might be a bit dramatic, but it sure seems that way sometimes!

As my kids have gotten older though, I have found myself enjoying games more and more. Maybe it is because I absolutely love their laughter and the one on one that we get to enjoy with them, or maybe it is because kid games usually take about 3 brain cells to figure out. Either way, it has become so much fun to have game nights with our family!

While brainstorming some fun weekend post ideas, family game night came to mind! Most of our games were purchased because they were recommended to us by friends, and I thought maybe you could use a few new game night suggestions! I have listed some of our current favorites below (with links to Amazon!). As you will see, a common theme with my favorite games is that they are or can be quick to play. I also love a game that is either easy or totally subjective. Don’t get me wrong, I do love a good strategy game (especially if I win) but only if my brain is working at full capacity. And let’s be honest, those days are far and few between! So behold, my mom-brain approved family game night suggestions!!

Games for 3+ years

 The Sneaky, Snacky Squirrel Game

We recently bought The Sneaky, Snacky Squirrel Game, and it has been such a hit! I love that it is teaching Veda counting skills, colors, turn taking, fine motor skills, and good old fashioned sportsmanship! I also love that it can be played so quickly. It is becoming a common occurrence that we sneak in a quick game every night before bed! As you can see in the picture above, Veda absolutely loves it! Everything about it is darling and  so well made!

 Elefun Game

I first played this game in high school when my little sister had received Elefun as a gift. If you are wondering how much fun it could actually be, I’ll state that again with more clarity. I first played this game when I was in high school with my friends and without my little sister! Basically, the elephant blows butterflies out of it’s trunk and the person who catches the most butterflies in their net wins the game! It is really fun and gets everyone moving (especially the little ones!). We even get Jude in on the action with this game and he loves it! The one downfall is trying to keep the elephant loaded with butterflies can be a bit of a hassle but otherwise I think it is a hit!

Games for 7+ years


We LOVE Bananagrams! I think this is such a fun and educational game! It is fast paced and you can play a quick game in no time. You can even play by yourself! This game is very portable which makes it perfect for traveling! They recently came out with My First Bananagrams which is geared toward younger children (4+). It is colorful and darling for early readers! I will definitely be adding it to our game collection!  

Bounce-Off Game

This is another fun game that will let the kids move a bit! The premise is that you have a specific pattern that you have to create with colored ping pong balls and the balls must bounce on the table once before landing in the grid! This is a quick and easy game which can get really funny and competitive! It can get a little frustrating for little ones, which is why I listed it in the 7+ category!

Games for 15+

The Game of Things

If you want to laugh until your pee your pants, The Game of Things is for you! It is perfect for small groups as well as bigger parties. This game is totally unexpected and you end up learning things that you never knew about people! It can also be a fun ice breaker for groups that don’t know each other as well. Virtually anyone that can read and write can play BUT if your family is anything like my family, things tend to get adult rather quickly. So that is why I listed it as 15+! The Game of Things is a little bit like Apples to Apples and Cards Against Humanity in that there is no right or wrong answer- it is totally subjective, which is what I love about it! So easy and SO much fun! (It is also almost 40% off on Amazon right now!!)

Honestly, I couldn’t think of another game that even compared to The Game of Things for my 15+ category so…. that’s all you get! It really is a must have!

I hope that you were able to find a new game or two for your next family game night!! Have you played any of these games before? What are some of your favorite games? Let me know in the comments below!! I am always looking for new game suggestions!

As always, thanks for reading friends!!! Have an amazing weekend!


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