I like the Yodas

Hannah GoodrichA few days ago, Veda decided to break Jude out of jail (crib) while we were still sleeping. We usually keep them fairly quarantined during the night because we are always so worried about them wandering, so this was quite the accomplishment. Little Houdini. I woke up to the sound of the kids playing downstairs and was a little shocked! I also realized that I had overslept and I had a meeting to get to. Quickly, I woke Ryan up to go downstairs and see what the kids were doing. In the process, I heard the faint sound of the fridge door closing, which is basically every parent’s worst nightmare.

I nudged Ryan again and told him he needed to hurry because something was going on, and it didn’t sound pretty. As I was throwing on my makeup, I heard Ryan walk downstairs and say “Oh my!” with a little chuckle.

Veda had decided to make Jude breakfast. I peeked around the corner to find English muffins tossed all over the floor. I couldn’t quite see the entire scene and was in a bit of a hurry, but I heard Veda exclaim, “I made eggs for Jude! Jude loves eggs! I like the yodas, they are my favorite!” My first thought was “Oh NO! The eggs!” I had just bought a carton of 18 eggs at the store the night before. Then I thought, “Yodas???”. I ran downstairs and sure enough all the eggs were smashed on the floor, with Jude and Veda sitting in them, finger painting on the cabinets. Ryan was cleaning up as much as he could. We both asked Veda what a Yoda was. She said, “You know, the yellow Yoda in the middle of the egg.”

I think it is so easy to see the messes in life. At times they are so profound that it causes static to everything else and we miss what is really important. Had I come upon that scene of Veda and Jude in the eggs I probably would have started cleaning and cursing under my breath. I probably would have never really listened to what Veda was saying. But because I couldn’t see what was going on, I was able to hear her and that tiny moment has been making me laugh ever since.

Life can be a struggle! It is full of messes, both literally and figuratively. Whether it is finances, stubborn baby weight that won’t come off (I’m looking at YOU, muffin top), relationship struggles, or a pile of broken eggs on your floor, we ALL have them. This was such a small but profound teaching moment for me. How often have I focused so much on all the negative junk in my life, that I was actually missing out on all of the things that would actually make me happy? The answer is TOO OFTEN!

This is something that I am actively working on, and I’m so grateful for that little experience that brought it to light for me. There is so much tragedy happening in the world, and I need to remember how blessed I am. I may not be able to control my circumstances but I can control how I react to them! So I challenge you today- laugh a little more. Don’t do the laundry. Jump on the bed. Eat the “yoda’s” and don’t count it in MFP. Give your babies cake for dinner and a little extra squeeze, even if it is past their bedtime. Live a little more and make each moment count!


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