Resolution Day

I love this time of year! There is something thrilling about a clean slate and being able to accomplish, change, or be anything I want.

For as long as I can remember, I have been asked if I hated having a birthday so close to the holidays. It makes me giggle a little, because I don’t know any different. It has been my birthday since my birth, people. I do remember being a kid and wanting SO badly to have a summer birthday so I could have a pool party with my friends. One year, my mom made that happen by hauling all of my friends thirty minutes away to an indoor pool. Mom goals, right??  I also loved that my mom could bring cupcakes to my elementary class and didn’t have to worry about half birthdays like the summer birthday kids. Because as a kid, cupcakes are life. Let’s be honest, they still are. Cupcakes will always reign supreme.

As I have grown older , it has become so refreshing to ring in the new year by not only closing the chapter to the calendar year, but also the literal year of my life. However, it can be really difficult to stick with my New Years resolutions during the first week of January. In my household we celebrate birthdays for a week!

The Monday after my birthday is what I refer to as “Resolution Day”. I think this should be a thing! The holidays are so busy. Everyone needs a down week before they can jump headfirst into accomplishing their goals and resolutions. This year I have made some new goals! Like most people, I usually feel excited and ready to make a change in my life and after a week or two I fall off the bandwagon, get discouraged and give up. I am hoping that by sharing some of my resolutions with you it will help me be more accountable. Maybe you might have some of the same goals and then we can be goal buddies, or goalies for short.

  1. Be more kind to myself– This is SUCH a struggle for me. I play the comparison game. I look in the mirror and see imperfections, I hop on the scale (ugh), I see “supermoms” on social media pinteresting the crap out of their kids lives and I get overwhelmed. Truth is, I think we all do this to a certain extent and it is 100% ridiculous. The goal is to look in the mirror and tell myself that I am awesome, talented, capable, loving, empathetic, enough. I gave birth to two amazing kids (one of which happened to be over 9 pounds) and my body is proof of that. I may not be perfect physically (and most times mentally!) but I sure as heck can make a mean cheesecake and cheesecake trumps everything. So take that, supermom.
  2. Make healthier choices– Ok this one is a no-brainer, but it is always one of the hardest for me to follow through with. Every year this is a goal of mine (usually labeled as “Lose 30 pounds” or “Quit being lazy and put down the bacon cheeseburger” but I’m trying to adhere to goal #1). I would really love to get out of the diet drama and just start making healthier choices. I’ll probably start around “Don’t eat more than one dessert” and then maybe we’ll get to the point where I’m eating green things and drinking water every day…. but you know, baby steps. Just kidding. But seriously.
  3. Take more time for the moments that really count– Life can be a balancing act and I am guilty of getting caught up in things that just don’t really matter. The pile of laundry can wait, emails can be answered later, but those sweet babes of mine are getting older minute by minute. I am determined to be as present as possible this year in their lives!
  4. Learn to work a DSLR like a pro– Honestly though, my (non-professional) blog pictures are going to be beautiful one day you guys! Watch out!
  5. Stop picking my zits– In case you missed it, I just turned 30 freaking years old. I have had this horrible habit for years and my skin hates me for it! It started out as necessity but became a slippery slope to enjoying it way too much. Because I’m one of “those” people. Luckily, I just subscribed to Dr. Pimple Popper so I think it’s going to be my year. HA!
  6. Make my bed every day– Though it seems silly, there is nothing better than getting into a made bed at night. As sad as it sounds, it is something that I rarely do! Also, maybe it will discourage spiders from crawling in. I hate spiders.
  7. Go to bed earlier– There is nothing that I love more than getting the kids in bed and spending time with my hunk watching our favorite shows. It is the time when we can reconnect and just be us for a while. We also happen to have a very sensitive and wakeful toddler and getting up several times a night can take it’s toll! So if you see me on social media later than 11, feel free to lecture me into going to bed!
  8. Get outside every day– If you read my about page you probably learned that I’m a home body and that I don’t like wearing pants sometimes…all the times…I mean…that’s beside the point. I really love running and I used to do it every morning. There is something about getting fresh air that clears your head and makes your day better. And I could really use that!
  9. Say “No” more so I can say “Yes” more– It sounds like an oxymoron, but this is also something I really need to work on! I have the hardest time saying no when I am asked to do something. Then I end up with little or no time for what I actually want to be doing. I can also end up being grumpy toward the person that actually asked me to do it. And nobody likes a grumpy Hannah. Trust me, my husband can vouch! I am going to try to say “no” more so I can say “yes” to things like my family, laughing, spandex dance parties, and writing my uncensored thoughts to you fine people.
  10. Stop worrying. Seriously, stop it. It’s dumb. I am a religious person, and I believe that God has a plan for me and my family. But I still worry. It is silly because if I actually believed what I just said I believed, then I would know that everything will work out in the long run. Even if we only have $1.75 to get us to the next paycheck. That’s what ramen is for.

There you have it, my top 10 resolutions for the New Year! Will you please help me stay on track?

As I said earlier, it can be really difficult to make changes. I, for one, am a creature of habit. Changing up my routine can be hard! There is no time like the present to make changes and next year is going to come whether I am working on improving myself or not! So, why not become my best self? When I fall off the bandwagon, I will remember to be kind to myself. I’m going to give myself a get out of jail free card so to speak.

What are some of your resolutions or goals? If your first week didn’t go quite as you had planned, join me today in starting over! Let’s be goalies! When it all comes down to it, every day should be Resolution Day, don’t you think??

 Happy Resolution Day!! 2017, we are coming for you!!!


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