A Timeless Gift For The Man I Love Most

Hannah Goodrich Jord WatchIt is no secret that my husband is actually He-Man, with a much cooler haircut. Words simply cannot describe what he means to me and our little family. He is my absolute best friend. He has been the rock of our family, and even when things (or I) get crazy he is the calming force that reminds me that all will work itself out in the end. They say that opposites attract, and that is definitely the case with us! He is outgoing, and the life of the party. This guy is always smiling, even when I am making him do yard work. He is the first to volunteer when someone needs help, and is the first to give me a hug and a pep talk after a long day.

Having two kids with special needs creates a whole lot of crazy, and he handles it all with love and understanding. There has never been a father who has loved his kids more, and I’m convinced I am the most loved wife on the planet. That’s the thing about this incredible man, he makes everyone feel important. Every night when we put the kids to bed, he whispers in their ear “You are my favorite”. It is also the last thing I hear before I go to sleep. And the truth is, I really believe it!

This year, my love turns 31. We have been through a lot, and there have been years where we have not been able to celebrate birthdays beyond a simple card and cake. This year, I wanted to give him something that would really symbolize our timeless love for him but also match his unique sense of style. Trees have long been a symbol of strength and wisdom, and this couldn’t be a more accurate description of Ryan. He has been begging for a wood watch for years, and this year I am excited to make it happen!

Hannah Goodrich Jord Watch

When I received this JORD Watch in the mail, it actually took my breath away. The watch is so gorgeous and is the perfect fit for Ryan’s style. The wood grain and detail is impeccable and the gears, oh how I love those gears. It is one of the most unique and seriously cool watches I have ever seen! The packaging itself is gorgeous. It arrived in an engraved wooden box, which is a beautiful gift in and of itself. It really makes a statement!

The truth is that Ryan’s birthday is not until July 14th, but I honestly just couldn’t wait to give it to him! I am the worst at keeping secrets, and this watch was just too cool to be sitting in a box for another week! I love the earthy and yet sophisticated look of the watch. It looks SO good on my handsome man’s arm.

Hannah Goodrich Jord Watch

One of the things that I love the most is the quality of the watch. It is something that I know he will be wearing for years to come, and something that he will even be able to pass on to our Jude. For such a unique and quality time piece, the price is incredible! They have watches to match every budget, and the customer service is unreal! When I received the watch, I realized that I had measured his wrist inaccurately and it was too big. They were so quick and kind to give me instructions on how to get it sized! You just can’t beat great customer service!

Hannah Goodrich Jord Watch

Nothing makes me more excited or proud to celebrate my man than with this timeless gift. Each day as he looks at his JORD Watch, I hope that it reminds him how much he is loved by me, Veda Jane, and Jude. We adore him!Hannah Goodrich Jord Watch

I am SO excited to team up with JORD for a GIVEAWAY to celebrate my sweet man’s birthday! We will be giving away a $100 gift card to go towards the wood watch of your dreams!! They have gorgeous men’s and women’s watches in all styles so this is an incredible offer. One lucky person will win, but every person who enters will receive at $25 gift code- so it really is a win-win!! Enter at the link below! Hurry, the giveaway ends on Sunday, July 9th at 11:59 PM!!


You can find my husband’s amazing watch HERE

 Thank you to JORD for sponsoring this post!!! All opinions and obsessions are my own!

Hannah Goodrich Jord Watch

Wooden Wrist Watch

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