Under Eye Concealer Tricks

Concealer is my one true love. Aside from my husband…and my kids…and food. It really is is one of the makeup products that I just can’t live without! I still have acne, and now I’m a super tired mom (HELLO dark circles!) so I’m sure you can image why I need it so much in my life.

I didn’t really start using concealer until I was in college. Oddly enough, concealer seemed like it had no purpose at that time and I thought that I could just cover my acne with an extra dab of foundation. Then, someone recommended a Prescriptives concealer to me and I absolutely fell in love. My skin looked amazing with concealer and I felt like I had been missing out all those years! I was hooked. Sadly, Prescriptives was taken out of Nordstrom and stopped making products several years ago. I actually just found out that they have since reopened and sell their makeup line online so… YAY!! Anyway, this is all to say that yes, concealer has a purpose, I have tried many different kinds, and it is amazing!

As I said before, one of the main reasons that I have used concealer in the past is to help even skin tone and cover blemishes. Right now, the biggest and most important reason I use it is to cover the dark circles under my eyes. Just call me bag lady. A really tired bag lady that needs a nap.

While under eye concealer is something that most women do, a lot of them don’t do it correctly. First, lets talk about concealer colors for your under eye. I’m sure that you have heard that using a concealer that is 1-2 shades lighter than your foundation will brighten your eyes. This is totally true. But did you know that you can use different tones of concealer to help mask dark circles and help color correct the area? Here is a quick color guide!

Blue under eye circles- Use an orange based concealer

Purple under eye circles- Use a yellow based concealer

Blue/Purple under eye circles- Use a peach colored concealer

There are also several kinds and consistencies of concealer. I use a liquid concealer on my under eye area and I usually recommend that for others as well. I feel like cream or heavy concealers are quick to cause creasing in the fine lines around your eyes. Liquid concealer is also a little easier to blend out.

Now that we have chatted about color and consistency, lets talk about a few application tips!

  1. Make sure you are moisturizing your under eye area along with your face. Maybe I forget, or maybe I’m just lazy but sometimes I feel like the under eye area can fall into the neck category where I kind of forget to fully moisturize it!
  2. Primer, primer, primer. This may go along with the first tip, but also make sure you are applying primer under your foundation and concealer! Not only will it help your makeup stay put, but it also helps to fill in fine lines.
  3. ALWAYS use your ring finger if you are using your fingers to apply any products under or around your eyes. It is such a sensitive and fragile area. Your ring finger is one of the weakest so it is easier to control and maintain a light pressure. Along with that, pat when you can rather than pulling or dragging your fingers or blender across this area. You don’t want to create more wrinkles!
  4. Make sure you are using the correct color and shade of concealer. This can take some trial and error, but it is important that you aren’t using a shade that is too light or too yellow.
  5. I always apply my foundation before concealer. I know many people apply concealer first, but I feel like it is easier to blend out this way.
  6. If you use no other tip from this post, PLEASE use this one- When you are applying your concealer, rather than just covering your dark or discolored areas in a semi-circle under your eyes, apply it in an inverted triangle shape (as seen below). This will not only keep you from looking like a raccoon, but will also help you blend better, as well as lift and brighten your eyes.
  7. Make sure to blend the concealer well and then set with a translucent powder. I like to use a loose translucent powder, apply liberally, and let it sit (or “bake”) for 10-20 minutes before dusting it off. This will ensure that the concealer will last all day and will not crease.

As you can see in the picture below, I have applied my under eye concealer two different ways. On the right, I have applied it by following the steps above. On the left I used a shade that was a little too light and applied it in a semi-circle directly under my eye without blending well. While my eye may seem more open and bright on the left (note: I don’t have the most symmetrical face, which doesn’t help!) you may also notice your eyes being drawn to my under eye area on the left rather than my eyes themselves. That is what I call the raccoon eye effect.

Far too often I see cute faces with raccoon concealer eyes. In these cases, I think they are often drawing more attention to their under eye rather than concealing problem areas.

Right now I am absolutely obsessed with MAC Pro Longwear Concealer.

The MAC website describes it as a medium to full matte coverage with 15 hour wear. I can absolutely attest to that! I can put this on in the morning and it will survive an entire day of baby fingers, mom duties, and the occasional cry. It is gorgeous on and I love that it lasts all day! My only complaint is that the pump does put out quite a bit of product so I always feel wasteful, but beyond that it is my absolute fav concealer right now!

The setting powders that I have been using and loving recently are the Laura Mercier Translucent Loose Setting Powder  and MAC Prep + Prime Transparent Setting Powder. If loose powders freak you out (hey, it happens) the MAC setting powder also comes as a pressed powder. I prefer loose, but whatever floats your boat! Both the MAC and Laura Mercier create a velvety perfect finish, and both are favorites! You just can’t go wrong with either one!

I have been contemplating doing some video tutorials where I can show you some of the tips and tricks I have learned over the years. I am such a visual learner, and maybe you are too! Is that something that you would be interested in?? If so, leave a comment below and tell me some beauty tips that you would be interested in learning!


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